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 You know you've been playing too much WOW.....

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You know you've been playing too much WOW..... Empty
PostSubject: You know you''ve been playing too much WOW.....   You know you've been playing too much WOW..... Icon_minitimeTue May 12, 2009 10:39 pm

.....when it's Friday night and you say to your friend "Let's hit the bar and pug an orgy!"

''''when your reading a story about a climber who just finished a solo ascent in the Alps and the story is talking about his plans for the next climb, you turn to your coworkers and say "I can't wait to see this! this guy wants to solo Main Tank Everest!"

''''''when you actually tell your boss that is he doesn't back off on the work load you're going to roflstomp him.

....when you read in the paper that the police just had a vice raid and you wonder if the caught Mel in the Maiden wing in Kara again.

....you tell the guys at work that you just can't do anymore today because you're OOM.

.....you get thrown out of a bar by a bouncer and threaten to show the bastard just what it is like to be hit by lightning from a lvl 80 Shaman....(sorry Aka, couldn't help myself)

.....your friends invite you to Oktoberfest and you think "Great, I can see if I can find that bastard Direbrew and kick his ass again!"

....you go out to dinner and find yourself wondering why Dragonfin Filet and Snapper Extreme aren't on the menu, so you settle for the fisherman feast and are disgusted when they don't serve it on a platter with oranges....

....you see a group of small children at the park and damn! where the hell is my polearm....gotta kill these fucking gnomes....

......you see a news report about a forest fire and the first thing you think is "gotta call Ryan and make sure ashley got out okay".......

Okay so it was another long day at work....
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You know you've been playing too much WOW.....
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