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 TBC vs. Wrath

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PostSubject: TBC vs. Wrath   Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:03 pm


I have to agree with what the poster has to say. Sure hard/heroic modes are "new" content but it doesn't make it any more fun like the tiered raid system was.
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Serene Highness
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PostSubject: Re: TBC vs. Wrath   Wed Aug 12, 2009 11:39 pm

I think he suffers a bit from hardcore-itis. The game has become friendlier to people who don't have all day to play compared to what it was, no attunments, no time to gear up (go go straight into heroics), etc. That meant people could jump into content right away and start clearing it. A lot of people were butthurt by that to begin with and those who played anyways were probably hardcore players and got bored really fast because there was a lack of stuff for them to do after awhile.

I mean, I do agree somewhat. Personally, I liked the feel of having 2 or 3 instances a week, or one this another that. Not only did it give more to learn, it gave something different to look at, and I think that's the big one. Looking at Naxx over and over and over did get really old.

Hard modes are a great idea for keeping the hardcore or driven players going so they at least spend 1 or 2 days not idling in <Major City of Choice> but ultimately I agree with him in the fact that it doesn't make up for a lack of variety.

There are pros and cons to both systems. Personally I know the new system really encouraged me to want to try out new classes and stuff because it got a lot easier to level and gear them when I do get them to 80. In TBC I dreaded the idea of leveling an alt because I knew I'd have to collect all this gear to run heroics, then run heroics to run kara, then run kara to run anything else, and that sounded like a pain in the ass, even if it would only take 3 days to a week.

However, I was getting bored with Naxx myself before I got roflpwned by real life and kicked while I was down by being broke, and I have to imagine that I'd feel the same way about Ulduar by now too.

I think hardmodes are a sweet idea, what they did with ZA was great and carrying it over was a good idea, but for most people a ZA bear run wasn't the only thing they raided during the week.
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TBC vs. Wrath
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