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 For Ryan: Laptop

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PostSubject: For Ryan: Laptop   Wed Sep 02, 2009 12:33 pm

HEre are some general recommendations.

The ALienware m17x or the Sager NP9850 are both great if the primary use will be for gaming, photoshop or similar graphics use otherwise it is overkill for other types of activity.

Both can be purchased with either a dual or quad core processor, I haven't seen any really great benefits for gaming from the quad core until you get to the quad core extreme. My opinion is that it is a matter of personal desire as to whcih processor, you will see some performance increase with the faster processor and a quad core can help with things like photoshop or other software that is calculation intensive.

I would suggest that you get a 64bit Operating System, I've used both Vista and Windows 7 ultimate 64bit with Wow with no issues realted to the OS. With the 64bit OS I would recommend that you get at least 6GB of RAM.

With a primary use of gaming or graphics I would strongly recommend getting the dual NVidia GTX280 SLI enabled graphics option. This should provide a much better level of performance, especially in crowded areas with lots of players on screen at once, like Dal.

IF you plan on actually watching movies on your laptop a Blu Ray drive is good, but if you aren't going to use it for Movies just stick with a standard DVD player.

AS to harddrives, I always recommend getting the largest you can afford and in either of these laptops get two and for gaming have them put in a RAID 0 configuration. RAID 0 will enhance the drive performance noticably, however if a drive fails the data is lost for both drives, so that is a consideration.

Sager's site is www.sagernotebook.com

I doubt you would see any price drop on the Sager laptops.

The big factor in deciding if either of these laptops is what you want is whether or not the primary use is for gaming and then the only real reason to get either unit is the dual graphics engine capability and the RAID drive array. If you decide that either option is not worth the money then I wouldn't buy either of these laptops

If you want to look at a less expensive alternative to either of these that would serve as a good gaming platform and be good for other work as well you might want to check out the HP HDX18t. If you do a search for it on Amazon you can look at several different preconfiged models or go to www.hp.com and customize one. It isn't dual graphics or RAID capable, but it is a good performer none the less.

Well thats a quick pass at some general recommendations regarding those models, let me know if you need anything more specific or have any questions, happy to help
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PostSubject: Re: For Ryan: Laptop   Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:21 pm

Great stuff, thanks Mel.

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PostSubject: Re: For Ryan: Laptop   Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:17 am

The M17x is uber sexah Wink I couldnt be happier with mine. Thanks mel
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PostSubject: Re: For Ryan: Laptop   

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For Ryan: Laptop
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