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 Freestate - Holy paladin

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PostSubject: Freestate - Holy paladin   Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:38 am

Character Name:Freestate
Class/Spec:Holy paladin
Professions/levels: BS/JC both at 400+

Guild/Raiding History

Past Guilds: Drow
Reasons for Leaving: Still raiding with them. While we have every thing on farm we're raiding very litte. I'm looking for a weekend guild for my alt.
Complete Raiding Experience: Every thing...

I've raided high end since vanilla. First guild on the server to kill rag/onyxia all the way through US 8th in sunwell and now tribute to insanity.

Real Life Information

First Name: Patrick
Age: 21
State/Province: IL
Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself: WoW has always been a cheap form of entertainment for me while I've been in college. I had the choice of getting a job and having a lot of money, but no free time. I chose the fun poverty route and the end result is a lot of time to play WoW.

Why are you interested in joining our guild? I'm mainly interested in a weekend 10 man guild. I'm not looking to do any thing hardcore.

How many raids will you be able to make weekly? Most likely every raid pre-icecrown. Post icecrown I should be able to make weekends.

Why do you think you would make a good contribution to our guild? I'm a very skilled player and when new content comes I'll be able to help with strats.
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Freestate - Holy paladin
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