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 Valtamr, Ret Pally/Tankadin secondary

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PostSubject: Valtamr, Ret Pally/Tankadin secondary   Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:40 pm

Character Information
Please only enter the information regarding the character you are applying with.

Character Name: Valtamr
Class/Spec: Paladin/ Ret main, Prot second
Level: 80
Professions/levels: BS 450, JS 420, Cooking/Fishing/FA 450
Server: Doomhammer

Guild/Raiding History

Past Guilds: Muffins
Reasons for Leaving: I quit WoW back in April
Complete Raiding Experience: Vanilla WoW is where I was most hardcore. We were one of those mandatory raid guilds, one of the first to have BWL on farm. I missed most of BC due to deployment. The guild I was in was doing 25man KT when I left. Now that I'm picking back up, there are 5 man dungeons I have yet to see.

Real Life Information

First Name:Drew
Age: 25
State/Province: AZ
Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself: I'm a hippie in the army. Im a student at ASU studying philosophy. One of my favorite things about wow is all the references it gives to different things. Just saw the black knight today for the first time and I was laughing out loud remembering monty python.

Why are you interested in joining our guild? Ya'll seem like you've got the right idea about this game. Its a game. I want to progress and see the different things in wow. Appreciate the dungeons and whatnot. 10-man is a perfect size. 25 gets too many to actually know who you are playing with. I have no interest in having the best gear. I really like achievements. Anyway, I transferred to this server 2 days ago and have been asking people I've grouped with about the different guilds. Ya'lls came up several times, I checked out your ABOUT US post and really dig it.

How many raids will you be able to make weekly? Weekends for sure. Nights will be hit and miss. I am a blackhawk crewchief for my job, so if the missions are at night, I won't be able to get on. Probably 2-3 nights during the week.

Why do you think you would make a good contribution to our guild? I enjoy keeping this a game. Its all about getting to know the people you're playing with and having fun with it. I think I can keep that atmosphere up. I know how to play. Often its the small things that make a good player. Knowing when to put on a Blessing of Freedom or getting a lay on hands out in time. Because I play this game for the social aspect, I am almost always up to help other people.

I know that your apps are closed, but I am putting this up to let ya'll know I'm interested. Feel free to ask me in game if you ever need an extra hand. I'll be checking back to see if you reopen any spots.
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Valtamr, Ret Pally/Tankadin secondary
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