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 That Life Thing

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PostSubject: That Life Thing   That Life Thing Icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 3:33 am

So you guys know I ended up not showing up last weekend for Ulduar. I left Ryan a message about it but figured I'd better elaborate for the overall sense.

So how that went down was this..

my debit card broke. snap. I ordered a new one. WoW went through after the order, its payment comes from that card number, or did. When they called me to verify it I didn't recognize what they were saying it was at first so I told them to deny it. I later realized it was WoW. (If they would hire a fucking english speaking person not some foreign fuckhead so I could understand them, It'd help a lot.)

So this month when it tried to go through, it got denied. I didn't have my new debit card in yet (it just came in today actually) so I couldn't really reactivate it.

Currently, I'm fucking broke also, so I may have to leave it off for awhile until I get a bit of money again.

I usually try to keep a little backup of money for just in case stuff and its a good thing. When I was doing my math for how much I had I neglected to remember a check I had to write john for half of the lawn mower we had to buy @_@. So until payday and bills are payed and I see what I have, I'll be gone more or less.

my laptop has been down stairs for the past week or so since Ryan has been crashing with us because we were using it to watch shows, so it wasn't hooked up to the internet and I didn't really feel like dragging it around constantly (actually ive been kind of sick and havent felt like doing anything more than crawling under a rock and dying.) or I'd have let you know a bit sooner.

i'll see about getting on vent and saying hello at least sometime though.
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That Life Thing
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