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 The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80

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The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80 Empty
PostSubject: The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80   The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 9:35 am

Someone made a post on the dungeons and raids forums that I found quite interesting. They listed all the key differences between Vanilla Naxx and modern-day Naxx. Looking at this really makes you realize why so few people ever got through it, especially when you take into account how bad people were at the game back then compared to now, and how hard it was to find 40 good people instead of only 25 or 10.

Quote :
-All trash on the big ring around the instance consisted of the same stuff no matter what the wing.

Construct Quarter
-Abominations at the entrance had a chain cleave that would go through the whole raid.
-Larger packs in Patchwerk's room.
-Giants in Grobbulus's room were regular abominations that would punt you to the ceiling.
-Gluth was untauntable. He also had a fear. Eating zombies would heal him about 10% each.

Military Quarter
-Deathknight riders didn't dismount.
-Razuvious didn't wait on the pull. MCed adds would get a long debuff after MC breaks.
-Gothik summoned a lot more adds. Undead side immune to magic. There was not enough DPS on live side to kill everything; small adds were untankable and had to be quickly killed or sheeped, priests had to shackle most of the deathknights.
-Four Horsemen wouldn't run to their corners. Morgraine was in the place of Rivendare. Blameux and Zeliek were melee enemies. Auras used to be a lot bigger and lasted a lot longer. Killing one would leave a ghost that would still apply their aura.

Plague Quarter
-Noth would spend a lot less time on the ground. Skeletons that spawned looked different. His curse had to be removed or it was an instant wipe.
-Trash before Heigan was a gauntlet, everything respawned in about 15 seconds. Giant zombies looked like moss giants.
-Heigan would aggro right from the doorway. Dance phase was a lot faster. His aura would silence instead of slow cast. He would randomly teleport 3 people into the back room. If those 3 people did not escape before the dance phase they would die.
-Loatheb was a jerk. He would require massive amounts of buffs and consumables. Healers would get a 1 minute debuff that would prevent them from healing after casting a heal.

Arachnid Quarter
-The poison from the large green spiders would kill people in 1-2 ticks if not removed or healed.
-Anyone dying on Anub'rekhan would usually cause a wipe from chains of scarabs spawning and killing more people.
-Faerlina's trash couldn't be AoEed down.
-Maexxna's webspray lasted 8 seconds. Poison debuff was -90% healing.

Final Area
-Sapphiron's life drain did insane damage and would heal him for immense amounts if not removed quickly.
-Phase 1 on Kel'thuzad was longer. Skeletons exploding would usually result in a wipe. Kel'thuzad would always mind control the tank. Guardians had no sense of aggro; everytime they changed aggro they would get a small stacking damage buff, priests had to shackle no more than 3 to keep their damage down...shackling more would cause KT to dispel them all. Not interrupting frost bolt would kill the tank.

The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80 AlveiaSig2
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The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80   The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80 Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 12:30 pm

fun stuff! lotheb ftl lol
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The difference between Naxx60 and Naxx80
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